Goats – IMP strives for the best tasting goat in the market.  IMP goats are carefully and selected from select breeds that provide the best tasting and tenderest goat meat on the market and are hand slaughtered with no stunning to ensure a true halal product

Lambs – IMP lambs are selected from the finest wool lambs to provide not only the best flavor and tenderness, but to also provide the best color.  As always, our lambs are hand slaughtered with no stunning to ensure a 100% halal product

Veal – IMP go through a process no other company goes through.  Our halal process makes sure that the veal is not only tender, but the taste is unparalleled. As with all of our meats, our veal is hand slaughtered with out any stunning to sure a pure halal product

Chicken – IMP chickens are all antibiotic free, free range, 100% vegetarian fed, hand slaughtered with no electric shock and air-chilled.  Our chicken is heralded as the best tasting halal chicken around, with many customers stating that IMP’s chicken actually tastes like chicken.